Course Description

Background information general introduction and definitions, History of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Biology of the immune system and the HIV, Transmission, diagnosis and progression of the HIV/AIDS disease, Prevention and control of the HIV/AIDS disease, Treatment of HIV/AIDS, Management of HIV/AIDS disease, Social-economic factors and cultural practices that influence the spread of HIV/AIDS disease, HIV/AIDS impact on different sectors in Kenya, Governmental and other institutional policies and responses to HIV/AIDS disease spread.

This Unit is for the Degree Students Only!!!!

Course Description

Meaning of Development; The Concept Development, Objectives of Development, Theories of Development, Development Strategy, Economic Integration, Actors in Development, Indicators of Growth and Development, Challenges to Development in Africa, Leadership and Development, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)and Development



It can be defined as the abilities for adaptive and positive behavior that enables an individual to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. In addition, life skills help an individual to develop positive attitudes towards self and others by transforming knowledge, skills and values into action

NB: This Unit is for all Degree students only!!!!!!