Course Description

Measures of central tendency: Mean, Median and Mode and their implications; Measures of Dispersion: Range, Mean deviation, Standard deviation, Coefficient of Variation ( C.V.) , Skewness, Kurtosis. Time series analysis: Concept, Additive and Multiplicative models, Components of time series, Trend analysis: Least Square method - Linear and Non-Linear equations,  Applications in business decision-making. Index Numbers:- Meaning , Types of index numbers, uses of index numbers, Construction of Price, Quantity and Volume indices:- Fixed base and Chain base methods.  Correlation analysis; Regression analysis; Linear simple and multiple regressions, Linear Probability Model (LPM); Non-linear regressions; Cobb-Douglas production function, Dummy Variables; Logit model and Probit model. Concept of probability and its uses in business decision-making; Addition and multiplication theorems; Bayes’Theorem and its applications. Probability Theoretical Distributions: Concept and application of Binomial; Poisson and Normal distributions,  standard normal distribution,  Z-scores and their applications. Probability:. Estimation Theory and Hypothesis Testing: Sampling theory; Formulation of Hypotheses; Application of Z test, t-test, F-test and Chi-Square test.  Computer application in statistical data processing and analysis