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Welcome to CUK eCampus

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Welcome to CUK eCampus
by Admin User - Monday, 19 June 2017, 6:39 AM

True E-Learning is HERE where time and distance have been bridged!

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This is a one stop click of a button e-learning platform for the digital world. We are here to give you a digital learning experience like no other. Enroll in our courses and tell the story to others.

To apply for the courses listed below, visit the CUCK website ( and click on CUCK e-forms tab OR click  HERE!

For DOWNLOADABLE version Click HERE. (This version of the form must be delivered or sent to CUCK).

It is affordable and efficient for all the programmes degrees, diplomas and certificates. You can express interest in any of the following programmes but kindly note that, the ones already highlighted in yellow are ongoing and ready for Y2 entry.


Programmes offered at CUCK

  1. Bachelor of Co-operatives and Community Development (BCCD)

  2. Bachelor of Co-operative Business (BCOB)

  3. Bachelor of Commerce (BCOM)

  4. Diploma in Business Administration

  5. Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management

  6. Diploma in Community Development and Social Work

  7. Diploma in Co-operative Management

  8. Certificate in Co-operative Management

  9. Certificate in Purchasing and Supplies

  10. Certificate in Community Development and Social Work

  11. Bridging Certificate Course in Mathematics


Degree Fees: Kshs 5,000 per module/unit. A standard degree programme has about 60 modules/units. One academic year has between 12 to 16 modules/units.

A minimum of three(3) units should be taken every semester working with a trisemester  cycle.

Diploma/certificate fees: Kshs. 3,000 per module/unit. A standard diploma Programme has about 25 to 30 modules/units. A certificate course has between 6 to 12 modules/units depending on the area.

A minimum of two(2) units should be taken every semester. 

 To estimate the cost of the entire programme, take the units and multiply by the unit cost.

 We are here to give you an experience like no other. Just enrol in our courses and tell the story to others. 

Other Payments


  Fees (Kshs) unit
Registration 1,500 Once
Student ID 500 Once
Examination 500 Per Module
Medical cover* 500 Per Semester
Library 1,100 per semester


 * Medical cover is only for the examination period.

Attachment Fees not included;


NOTE: You need to have Scanned or taken snap shots using a smartphone, of your relevant documents (Certificates, Result slips, National Identity Card) in readiness for uploading.


  1. Please access your M-PESA menu,

  2. Select Pay Bill option

  3. Enter the Business Number 400222 

  4. Enter Account Number as 723#DCEL/A/******** where ******** is your National ID Number then the amount  Ksh 500/- for Diploma  or Certificate (Ksh 1000/- for Degree).

  5. Note the M-PESA transaction code before clicking the following link.

Proceed on filling the form, ensuring all mandatory fields are filled and submit when done.


Note the M-PESA transaction code. It will be required during form filling.

 Mode of Delivery

New Students are supposed to attend an e-orientation session at the beginning of their course. For subsequent semesters, students will be enrolled into the paid up modules and do most of the learning on their own while being supported online through our versatile management system. At the end of every semester, students will sit for written examinations at CUCK main campus or an approved examination center. 

Programme Duration



If you have any questions please contact the office by calling +254 734 794790.

You may also write to


Thank you.



  1. To apply online click  HERE!
  2. For DOWNLOADABLE version Click HERE. (This version of the form must be delivered or sent to CUCK).


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