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e-Orientation September 2015

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e-Orientation September 2015
by Prof. J. M. Kihoro - Wednesday, 21 October 2015, 8:19 AM

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DCME01/0036/2015 Ochieng, Kennedy Ragot - Friday, 18 September 2015, 11:24 AM

The program orientation for the e learning students took place at the Co-operative University College of Kenya's main campus situated in Karen, on the 12th September 2015 under the capable leadership of Mr Abisaye Otita (did I get the spelling right? Maybe) who is the online program facilitator.

It all began when I was having a chat with one of our respectable church leaders - Mr Nathan Meli over the situation of the co-operative movement in Kenya and even East Africa as a whole. He gave me the history of the same and how the first president of Kenya, His Excellence the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta had established the first Co-operative school at Kabete. According to him, he believed that with proper education on co-operative management, the bodies would be transformed into profitable entities that would greatly support the members and catapult the continent into greater heights of both social and economic prosperity.

Afterwards my interest got ***ed and I read several articles about the movements gradually getting so engrossed it came to my realization all I needed was a formal education on the subject. My family responsibilities however got in the way to enrollment into regular studies, as I have to go out to 'kibarua' and seek for our daily bread, and that is when someone suggested I try the online program. I logged onto the CUCK website and BINGO!, there was the course on offer. As it is usually said, the rest is history and that history led me to leave my house early Saturday, the 12th of September when all roads led to CUCK -Karen for the orientation  with my fellow e learning students.

Talking of my fellow students on this program, they came from far and wide. It was impressive to note that one had even come over all the way from Mandera. Kudos my brother, education is like diamond, seek it out. The other came over from Bungoma - though I forgot to ask him how beautiful the Ksh.100,000 plus county - registered wheelbarrows  looked. Well, to cut the long story short, we got registered on first come first served basis - thank you Lillian and Redempta, you were very helpful and polite.

We were then ushered into the Computer lab and the orientation process kicked off led by Mr. Otita, minutes after we had been served tea ... and buns ..and samosa...and some roundish pastries I did not mind to get their name, all I know is that they were so crunchy!

Within the team taking us through the process was the Librarian who showed us how to navigate the CUCK website for online resources that we would require for our studies. The other administrators also helped out with the registration requirements and other important references, as Mr Otita handled the technical aspect of the program - thank you Sir for your resourcefulness. As we progressed, the Director for e-learning Prof. Kihoro made a stop - over and welcomed us to the program in a wonderful way stressing to us the need for hard work and the advantages of our program. He made us feel comfortable and capable - thank you Sir.  

Lunch break was announced at 1:46 pm and we moved to the Conference Facility dining room for a sumptuous buffet - on the house of course. I beg to stand in the gap and apologize on behalf of those who served ahead, in case some of us who served later, got a 'raw deal' in as far as 'quantity left' was concerned!

The final lap of the orientation precess took place in the afternoon where majority of the new students got the finer details on how to navigate their accounts, and many could not fathom how fast time had moved, because by the time we were free to leave, the buses had began charging 'peak hour' fares to our chagrin. All in all it was a most wonderful experience, and now our boats have surely set sail, albeit in unfamiliar waters, anyway as the wisemen said, true nobility is not about being better than somebody else, it is about being better than whom YOU were yesterday. Life is not a race. You don't have to run. We shall move one step at a time, till it is done, and then we shall come over once again, to wave around our graduation hats, walking with an academic angle of inclination and singing 'THANK YOU Co-operative University College of Kenya' for the online program!